Do you ever feel finished?

So, I think, at the tender age of 25 I am finished with having anymore children, I mean does it get any easier after 3?

From an early age I have always wanted children, i’m quite a maternal person and I knew I wanted to be a mummy one day. I didn’t plan to have 3 children as such, it just all seemed to fall into place.

Life with 3 children can be hard but before my youngest was born I was always broody. I LOVE being pregnant, the first tiny flutters into full blown rib kicks, the pregnancy glow, the pregnancy hair andย the amazing feeling that you are growing a life inside of you. Oh and that extra attention you get (hehe)

I would see newborn babies and get a pang of jealousy, even though I already had 2 gorgeous children. Nothing would take the unbearable ache for another baby away, even holding tiny babies-hearing the horror stories of the birth, how tired their mummy was and how difficult the baby is. I still longed for, what I thought was, the missing piece to my puzzle.

Fast forward to now I am sitting here writing this post, eating my dinner, in peace and quiet. All 3 of my children are tucked up in their beds and I know they probably won’t wake up until the early hours. This however will be only for a quick cuddle and soothing kiss goodnight. I know in the morning they can feed themselves, well my 2 eldest, whilst I drink a hot cup of tea and then we can all snuggle watching a film or Cbeebies. That is until WW3 starts and my real day begins!

I never thought the constant broodiness would subside. Well I think it has…


How do you know when your family is complete?

Do you ever feel finished?

Or are you just in limbo?


I would absolutely love to hear your answers.


Lots of love






14 thoughts on “Do you ever feel finished?

  1. Kirsty Bowden says:

    Hey Charlotte, funny you say that…cause at the age of 29 and with 3 children myself I’ve always said after my last I didnt want anymore children…but…since getting into a new relationship I’ve found myself thinking about wanting another baby…it scares the life out of me but I dont know where these thoughts are coming from…I know only too well how difficult it can be having 3 children (all girls at that) but still it doesnt stop these thoughts…maybe its just a phase im going through but hey…who knows ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    • The Little Glitter Box says:

      Hi Kirsty,
      You often hear of babies being born into a new family unit, it’s far from uncommon. So wanting to have a child with a person you love is completly natural so I can see where you are coming from. Good luck whatever you decide ๐Ÿ˜˜


  2. From Day Dot says:

    I’m only just starting out, due with my first this year, so I can’t imagine how it would feel to feel ‘done’. It sounds like you’re in a nice content place right now so I’d say just enjoy it – you’re still so young so plenty of time for more if the feeling creeps back in! ๐Ÿ™‚ #bestandworst

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    • The Little Glitter Box says:

      Ah congratulations do you know what you are having? Yes I feel really content, which is such an achievement for me. I know I’m still quite young but I wouldn’t like to have another and have such a big age gap inbetween my children. I also wouldn’t want to go back to the baby stage in a few years when I am just getting my life back. These are a few more reasons why I feel finished, well hopefully…

      Thank you for your lovely comment.


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  3. Rhyming with Wine says:

    Aw this is so lovely – I do feel a bit achy when I think of all the lovely emotions and experiences that you’ve described, but we knew that we were stopping at two and so the hubby has recently been for “the op”. We’re very lucky to have two happy, healthy (touching wood) children and it feels for us like our family is complete. That being said I was 34 and 36 when I had my two. If I was younger I might have thought differently and just given ourselves a 10 year or so gap before trying again ๐Ÿ™‚ x #bestandworst

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  4. rightroyalmother says:

    I think it’s always tempting to have more once those dark (for me, anyway) days of tiny children are over… but I feel very lucky to have one of each, and they are both healthy. I am very impressed with anyone coping with three! #brillblogposts

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