What’s your name?

We all know how hard it can be deciding on a name. It could be your child’s or your pets name but your business name, well that’s a tricky one.  So I thought I would let you how I decided mine.

It wasn’t straight forward at all, actually it was originally a whole different name for almost a year. That was until one day, just before Christmas, I just knew I needed to change it.

When I first started my business was called All about that glitz, which is okay I suppose, but it lost its spark as I was just gaining mine. I picked that name at the time as I was glittering alcohol (provided by the customer of course) and matching drinking glasses. So hence the glitz part and the rest was because of the song All about that bass as it was still catchy at the time.

I started to feel a little uneasy about the name when friends or family asked what the name of my Facebook page was. It felt unatural to physically say it and was a bit of a tongue twister (I was so used to saying it in my head)

The final straw was I knew my business wasn’t all about just glitz and glammer, it had become quite chic at times. So on came my thinking cap. I wanted to include glitter, as I still work with it quite alot, but needed a softer approach. I managed to come up with the name The glitter boutique but that was taken by an American clothes company. So I played around with words and out popped little and box. Hey presto! The Little Glitter Box.

I then found an amazing logo designer who helped me with my vision. I wanted a clairabella style to it and he suggested having a box somewhere on it. So through lots of trials and errors he designed the perfect one.

It’s safe to say I love the name and logo and will not be changing it. Ever!

I would love to hear the stories on how you came up with your blog names business names.




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15 thoughts on “What’s your name?

  1. Miss Rachel B says:

    Yes I know the struggle of picking a business name… it held me back for so long. I could not make my mind up and all the ones I really liked were already taken. After a full year I just knew I had to choose one and get on with it. I have such a mixed set of interests and every name I choose didn’t cover all my interests…so I finally just settled with my name. I am not 100% happy with it but at least I am not at a stand still no more lol xxx

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  2. Pamela Li (Rookie Parenting) says:

    I like your new name. It’s cute and glittery 🙂 Do you also have a domain other than wordpress?

    I got mine, rookieparenting, because I started out blogging only about scientific parenting. Any combinations of science and parenting were gone. Then I realized I was a rookie parent after all and picked this. Now my blog has expanded to include science projects and experiments. But the site has been established for a while, which means changing the name will lose a lot of domain-related credibility. I’ll probably keep this but want to hear more thoughts from others.

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  3. Mummascribbles (@mummascribbles) says:

    Believe it or not, despite Mummascribbles sounding like the easiest name to come up with, it took me ages to decide on it! Well, I say ages, I mean a whole evening of sitting at my computer with a notepad and pen scribbling words down and erasing them! I finally settled on it though and think it’s perfect for me – a mumma who likes to write. That said, as I look to take on more professional work, I don’t know whether to always go under the Mummascribbles business or start a more professional one! I do much prefer your new name and logo. Your old one always had me singing that ruddy song! Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

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    • The Little Glitter Box says:

      I’m new to blogging so can’t comment on your possible change of name with regards to furthering you career. However I love your blogs name, it’s exactly what you do. It has a catchy theme to it.
      Oh no that is exactly what I did in the end and actually speaking about it made me cringe a little!

      Thank you for your lovely comment.

      Have lovely week.



  4. thimumslife says:

    It is a fabulous name!! And it must be ridiculously difficult coming up with a name for a business, that sounds catchy, memorable, professional, and encompasses everything that the business represents!! The logo is gorgeous too, and fits with the name perfectly!! I’m not particularly enamoured with my blog name… I’d hardly read any blogs when I started mine, so just thought of the name really quickly. I really like the Leonardo Dicaprio film This Boy’s Life, and liked the themes it had, of triumph over adversity, and overcoming difficult situations. I felt that as I’d done that a lot during my time as a parent, and wanted the blog to be more about me and my life, thoughts and feelings, rather than focusing too much on the children, I came up with This Mum’s Life. But I’m sure next to no people would make the link between the film and the blog name!! And compared to some of the amazingly original and memorable blog names I’ve come across now I read loads of them, it’s very bland!! I may change it in the future!!

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  5. swapna says:

    The Little Glitter Box sounds perfect! I don’t even remember why and how I chose to call mine Practical Mom, but it somehow made even more sense down the road, considering it’s mostly about ‘practical’ ways to keep kids busy!

    thanks for sharing! #practicalmondays

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