Feeling Social

I’m Charlotte and I run a small arts and crafts business, you may of heard of it, The Little Glitter Box.


I have finally gave in to all forms of social media and decided to write a blog about me, my gorgeous little munchkins and my business. (Fingers crossed)


I’m not sure what I’m hoping to achieve from this,¬†hopefully to make some great crafty friends, learn a few tips, get my business seen and generally have fun with this. Oh to share a your amazing craft blogs too.


So far facebook has been my most amazing social media platform I have over 3000 likes and have made so many crafty friends and endless options to buy gifts from (It’s addictive once you start buying homemade items) I also have instagram which seems easy enough to use, etsy which I’m struggling with and twitter (which is a world of its own hehe)


I think I’ll leave it with this short and sweet post and fingers crossed this is the start of something amazing….



I would love for you to introduce yourself and tell me a little bit about your craft blog or business.















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